Allergy Treatment in Temple

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If you suffer from allergies, you know they can make life miserable.

There are a number of options to explore for treating your allergies in Temple, from managing symptoms to treating the root cause with immunotherapy. Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center can help you explore the benefits of each so you can choose which options best suit you.

And for those who can’t seem to get a handle on symptoms, allergies can have a big impact on the quality of day-to-day life.

What Causes Allergy Symptoms in Temple?

Your body is built to keep you healthy. When there is something the body can’t identify as safe, it is viewed as a potential health hazard. The body sends resources to the area at risk to try to alleviate the threat. Sometimes, the body can’t produce the needed resources to stop the hazard from potentially causing damage or illness to the body. Allergies are an example of this. The allergy symptoms a person feels are the outcome of these allergen triggers. These are commonly found with reactions to pets, mold, pollen, grass, dust mites, and pet dander.

Why Are Allergy Drops Different?

Our allergy drops are customized specifically for you during our development process by pharmaceutical compounding specialists to safeguard you against your specific allergen issues.

You will love how convenient allergy drops are. You can take them at home, at work, driving down the road, or anywhere else you may find yourself.
Allergy drops can be defined as sublingual immunotherapy. After many years of usage, data proves allergy drops are just as effective as injections.

The drops introduce allergens you are most reactive to in small doses to your body. Over time, the doses are increased in concentration, building the strength of your immunity. When your immune system is conditioned to no longer react to the allergen being introduced, you can live allergy-free.

What's the Difference Between Shots and Drops?

‍Drops work like allergy shots by gradually helping your body build a tolerance to the substance(s) that cause your allergies. The difference is that the antigen (allergy-causing substance) is placed under your tongue in a liquid drop and affects the immune system through cells found there. This cell, the dendritic cell, is the messenger that delivers antigens to the cells that enable allergy tolerance. As for the allergy shots, it is invasive and requires an office visit each week to receive the treatment.

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They also require a commitment of time to coordinate the treatment into your weekly schedule. Patients typically take allergy drops three times a day for three to five years depending on the severity. Many people feel better within a few months, but sticking with the treatment is necessary.


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