Allergy Treatment in Temple, TX

There are a number of options to explore for allergy treatment, from managing symptoms to treating the root cause with immunotherapy. Temple Allergy Clinic can help you explore the benefits of each so you can choose which options best suit you.

Lifestyle Adjustments

Dietary adjustments and environmental control measures to reduce exposure to indoor and outdoor allergens are critical to reducing your symptoms. Based on your allergic profile, we can offer guidance to help you address those items that affect you most. Medication – Various medications can temporarily improve or relieve allergy symptoms. This includes over-the-counter or prescription pills and nasal sprays. Side effects are possible and can be discussed with your doctor. Medications may be needed life long, or as long as symptoms persist. Many patients report decreased medication use after immunotherapy begins.

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The only way to change the underlying allergic disease is through immunotherapy, which helps build the body’s tolerance to allergens. This treatment can be administered in two forms:

Getting Allergy Treatment in Temple, Texas

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