How to Manage and Treat a Ragweed Allergy

Written By Temple Allergy and Wellness on July 11, 2019

Family enjoying life allergy freeSummer and fall are no fun for anyone with a ragweed allergy.

Studies show that at least 30% of the population suffers from seasonal ragweed allergies and that number is steadily rising.

A single ragweed plant can release a billion grains of pollen into the precious atmosphere each season. Here’s how to protect yourself.

How to Manage a Ragweed Allergy

You can take a few steps to avoid flareups before they happen.

  1. Check the allergy forecast on your favorite weather app before you head out the door.

  2. Keep your doors and windows shut – especially on windy days.

  3. Change out of your clothes and throw them into the washer as soon as you get home.

  4. Don’t wear shoes in the house – even if you have wood or tile floors.

  5. Wash your pets regularly. Your dog’s fur can trap ragweed pollen.

  6. Take your allergy or immunotherapy medication before you notice symptoms.

  7. Avoid foods that can trigger an oral allergy like zucchini, banana, cantaloupe, mango, mint, and lettuce.

Comprehensive Ragweed Allergy Treatment in Temple, TX

Temple Allergy and Wellness is proud to offer comprehensive immunotherapy treatment for ragweed allergies.

You may have heard about allergy injections but immunotherapy is also available in drop form. Like shots, these allergy drops help your body slowly build a tolerance to ragweed pollen.

Each allergy drop medication is specially formulated for your particular allergy, symptoms, and size.

Most patients find that the results of one round of treatment last between three and five years. You may notice relief as early as a few weeks, but it’s a good idea to continue the treatment to encourage the most effective long-term results.

You don’t have to waste your life indoors wishing your ragweed allergy would let up. Schedule a consultation now at Temple Allergy and Wellness in Temple, TX today by calling 254-778-6475.

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