Most Common Spring Allergies

Written By Temple Allergy and Wellness on February 12, 2019

Spring is probably one of the worst times for allergy sufferers. Spring allergens are profuse because it's the time when all green and growing things start to pop up and pollinate again. 

Suffering from Spring Allergies in Texas

Some people think that warmer states pose fewer allergens to those that suffer from allergies, but those people are wrong. Texas' warm climate offers up many potent allergens, especially when it comes to spring allergies. 

Springtime offers the following culprits for sneezing and red, itchy eyes:

1. Grass

There are many different types of grass, and for people that are allergic to it, it might not matter what type it is. Grass isn't just an allergen you breathe in either. For some people with grass allergies, touching grass can leave them with red rashes and hives.

2. Tree Pollen

Pollens from flowers popping up in rows around the house aren't the only yellow dusts that might be making you sneeze. Trees have pollen too. And, the pollen from some of these trees can affect you all year.

Oak pollen is one big issue in Texas, but other trees pollinate as well. The worst of the trees, when it comes to pollen, is the cedar. This tree doesn't stop just because winter sets in, like other trees – the cedar tree pollinates even in the winter and can make your allergies go haywire.

3. Cottonwood

Cottonwood trees pose more than a pollen issue when it comes to allergens. This tree lets loose a white cotton-like spore that can make you sneeze. It also clogs up vents and air conditioning units, making fresh air harder to come by (which can increase other allergens in your home or workplace).

Other Common Allergens During the Springtime

Don't forget – you're still at risk for those year-round allergies. If you suffer from numerous allergies, springtime can be extremely difficult for you. 

From mold to dust mites, your home is a haven for allergens. One scientific study is currently underway to find out if there is a way to reduce dust mites in homes since this is such a common allergen. However, until the trials are done, and dust mite fighting kits are available, your best bet is to seek treatment from someone that specializes in allergy issues, like Dr. Kathy Smith in Temple.

Ready to fight Off Your Spring Allergies in Temple?

Dr. Kathy Smith is equipped to get you on the path to wellness by dealing with your allergies head-on. She has numerous nursing degrees and has worked in medicine for 10 years. 

If you're ready to stop sneezing, make an appointment at Temple Allergy and Wellness today by calling (254) 778-6475.

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