Get Your Kids Allergy Tested Before Going Back to School

Written By Temple Allergy and Wellness on July 23, 2018

img/blog/ACI-back-to-school-action-plan.jpgLooking for allergy treatment in Temple for your kids?

Before your kids go back to school, consider getting them allergy tested. 

Once your kids are in school, you do not want them suffering needlessly from runny noses, watery eyes, and extra congestion. 

Allergy symptoms can get in the way of their studying, making it more difficult to pay attention to the teacher during class.

And, if you suspect your child has a more serious allergy to a food such as peanuts, then it is critical to get a professional assessment right away.

Safe and Non Painful Allergy Testing for Kids

While certain allergies may be best diagnosed via a blood test, most common allergens can be tested through a skin test.

You may have been reluctant to get your child allergy tested via the skin due to concerns over the needles and potential pain. 

Fortunately, at Temple Allergy and Wellness, we utilize a newer technology that offers a virtually pain-free way to get tested for allergies. 

The system we use for our allergy skin testing is the Multi-Test PC 2 from Lincoln Diagnostics for our skin testing. 

This allergy testing system actually stimulates nerve cells to block the transmission of pain. Small points on the device then imprint the allergen solution on the skin.

The system enables multiple allergens to be tested at once very quickly and without needing needles.

Allergy Treatment Options for Kids

Once we have determined if your child has an allergy (and to what), we can determine an appropriate allergy treatment in Temple. This might include lifestyle adjustments, over the counter medications, prescription drugs, or immunotherapy.

We will customize allergy treatment depending on the severity of the allergies, the age of your child, and the type of allergen. 

We use allergy drops instead of traditional allergy shots, which also provides a painless option for reducing reactions to allergies. Depending on the severity of the allergy, allergy drops may also be a good option to help reduce allergies to foods such as peanuts.

Allergy Testing and Treatment in Temple

If you need allergy treatment for your kids in Temple, Texas, try Temple Allergy and Wellness. With our caring approach to allergy diagnosis and treatment, your children will be in good hands. Contact us today at (254) 778-6475 to set up an appointment.

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