What Are the Benefits of Allergy Drops as an Alternative Allergy Treatment for Kids?

Written By Temple Allergy and Wellness on December 8, 2017

Allergy drops for kids

40% of children in the U.S. have some kind of allergy, and these allergies are on the rise, being the sixth leading cause of chronic illnesses in America. 

With these allergies often presenting the risk of adverse reactions, illnesses, and expensive medical bills, coping with your child’s allergy can be incredibly stressful and worrying. 

However, there are safe and effective treatments available that don’t require frequent trips to the hospital and don’t involve traumatic injections – allergy shots.

Finding an Alternative Allergy Treatment for Kids 

Allergy shots, or sublingual immunotherapy, present an alternative way of treating allergies without the need for injections, which many children fear and find distressing. An allergist will provide your child with allergy drops that contain the allergen they are allergic to, helping to boost their tolerance to the substance and reduce their symptoms. 

Before they’re given these shots, the allergist will confirm your child’s sensitivities by carrying out some allergy testing. Once determined, they’ll prescribe an allergen extract in drop form. These drops can be administered in your own home and are normally given three times a day for three to five years. This helps your child develop long-term immunity to the allergen. 

These drops are placed underneath the tongue as this is where the highest concentration of allergen/antigen presenting cells are located. These cells deliver antigens to the cells that are responsible for allergy tolerance. By consistently doing this, it helps the body build up a tolerance to something that once caused allergic reactions. 

The Safety and Effectiveness of Allergy Drops for Kids 

For over 100 years, allergy drops have been used around the globe, with a number of different studies demonstrating how effective and safe they are. In fact, allergy drops were used by physicians before allergy shots were created. One of the most favored allergy drops available – the La Crosse Method Protocol – reports never having a near-fatal, anaphylactic, or systematic reaction to its drops in the 45 years they have been used. 

The unique quality of the La Crosse Method Protocol lies in how it’s tailored for each individual patient, based on their history, examination, and allergy test results. This enables the allergist to adjust the dose according to these factors and the child’s ability to tolerate higher doses without experiencing any negative side effects. By using this carefully monitored approach, it enables allergists to treat even the most sensitive of patients, including those with asthma, food allergies, and children who might not be applicable for other allergy treatments. 

If your child suffers from an allergy and you’re searching for a cost-effective and safe treatment, why not discuss the option of allergy drops with our team in Temple, Texas today?

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