Allergy Shots in Temple, TX

For patients age five and over, a series of injections are typically given for a three- to five-year period. Most patients visit the office weekly for the first six to 12 months; every two weeks the second year; every three weeks the third year, and so on. Consistency is critical.

Allergy shots are contraindicated for people with severe or uncontrolled asthma, those taking beta blockers or may be withheld from patients who are ill. In very rare cases, anaphylaxis or an exaggerated allergic reaction that can include difficulty breathing and a severe drop in blood pressure can occur with allergy injections. Because it can occur at any time during treatment, even in patients receiving a maintenance dose, you may be asked to wait 20 minutes after an injection before leaving the physician’s office. A physician is available in the office while allergy injections are administered.

Most insurance companies will pay for allergy shots, however a co-pay for each injection may apply. You should verify your insurance coverage prior to beginning treatment.

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