Allergy Treatment in Temple, TX

If you suffer from allergies, you know they can make life miserable.

There are a number of options to explore for treating your allergies, from managing symptoms to treating the root cause with immunotherapy. Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center can help you explore the benefits of each so you can choose which options best suit you.

And for those who can’t seem to get a handle on symptoms, allergies can have a big impact on the quality of day-to-day life.

What Are Allergies?

When your immune system tags some bit of foreign matter as a threat, it surges into action. This can happen in response to common things, like grass, oak pollen or even household dust.

When your immune system kicks into defense mode, it causes symptoms like congestion, itchy palate or eyes, sneezing, and watery eyes.

These symptoms generally persist for as long as you’re in contact with the allergen.

For the most part, these seasonal allergies have no cure.

What is the best way to treat your allergies?

Lifestyle adjustments

Dietary adjustments and environmental control measures to reduce exposure to indoor and outdoor allergens are critical to reducing your symptoms. Based on your allergic profile, we can offer guidance to help you address those items that affect you most. Medication – Various medications can temporarily improve or relieve allergy symptoms. This includes over-the-counter or prescription pills and nasal sprays. Side effects are possible and can be discussed with your doctor. Medications may be needed life long, or as long as symptoms persist. Many patients report decreased medication use after immunotherapy begins.reduce allergy exposure

How Can a Steroid Shot Treat My Allergies?

Even though there’s no cure for seasonal allergies, you have several options to help alleviate symptoms. They include:

  • Antihistimines
  • Decongestants
  • Corticosteriods

Normally, people for whom antihistimines and decongestants don’t work are often able to get relief using a steroid hormone called a corticosteroid.

Corticosteroids come in pills, creams, nasal sprays, and shots and work by lowering inflammation caused by your immune system’s hyperreaction to the allergen.

For people whose symptoms are keeping them from participating in the activities of daily life, steroid shots can offer a real advantage.

How Long Does a Steroid Shot Last?

Steroid shots are much longer-lasting than other forms of corticosteroids — keeping symptoms at bay anywhere from three weeks up to three months.

For some sufferers, this can mean an entire season of allergy relief.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are several mild side effects that can result from a steroid shot for allergy treatment. They include:

  • Increased appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Mood and behavior changes
  • Facial flushing/redness
  • Water retention

These can occur quickly but should subside over time.


The only way to change the underlying allergic disease is through immunotherapy, which helps build the body’s tolerance to allergens. This treatment can be administered in two forms:

Is Getting a Steroid Shot for Allergy Treatment Right for You?

Steroid shots can be very beneficial to those for whom other therapies have failed or who want to experience long-term relief from symptoms.

While short-term side effects are normally mild, a steroid shot is not for everyone. Our knowledgeable doctors can help you decide if this cutting-edge therapy is the right way to handle your specific allergy issues.

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