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Why Should You Get the Kids Tested for Allergies Before School Starts?

Written By Temple Allergy and Wellness on August 9, 2019

Schools aren’t nicknamed germ factories for no reason. The truth is, school also exposes your children to higher levels of allergens – food, pollen, pets, you name it. A non-painful allergy test can help you avoid missed school days and keep your... Read More

Dealing with Child Allergies: Should You Send Them to School?

Written By Temple Allergy and Wellness on August 23, 2018

Are you worried that your child’s allergies are preventing them from being at school? Or are they getting in the way of your everyday life and time as a family?  You’re not alone.  Child allergies are incredibly common, with approximately 10,000 U.S.... Read More

Get Your Kids Allergy Tested Before Going Back to School

Written By Temple Allergy and Wellness on July 23, 2018

Looking for allergy treatment in Temple for your kids? Before your kids go back to school, consider getting them allergy tested.  Once your kids are in school, you do not want them suffering needlessly from runny noses, watery eyes, and extra congestion.  Allergy... Read More

What Are the Benefits of Allergy Drops as an Alternative Allergy Treatment for Kids?

Written By Temple Allergy and Wellness on December 8, 2017

40% of children in the U.S. have some kind of allergy, and these allergies are on the rise, being the sixth leading cause of chronic illnesses in America.  With these allergies often presenting the risk of adverse reactions, illnesses, and expensive... Read More

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