10 Tips to Prepare for Cedar Allergies This Season

Written By Temple Allergy and Wellness on February 3, 2020

10 Tips to Prepare for Cedar Allergies This SeasonThe dry Texas winter has made cedar allergies unbearable for many allergy sufferers this year. 

Doctors at Dell Children’s Medical Center say about a quarter of all recent patients were admitted for cedar reactions. 

Fortunately, you can take some precautions to keep you and your family safe and comfortable when cedar fever is raging outside.

How to Prepare for Cedar Fever in Temple

If you’re new to the Temple area or have only recently started suffering from allergies, you should know that cedar season runs from late December to early March. 

Cedar pollen levels typically reach their peak in mid-January. Follow these basic tips to keep your symptoms at bay.

  1. Replace your HVAC filter.
  2. Keep home and car windows closed.
  3. Run your furnace or AC to keep the air inside your home filtered.
  4. Change your clothes and shower when you get home in the evening.
  5. Avoid spending time outside during peak hours: 10 AM to 3 PM.
  6. Run a dehumidifier.
  7. Rinse your sinuses to remove accumulated any pollen.
  8. Give the dogs regular baths so they don’t track pollen inside.
  9. Steam clean upholstery like curtains, carpet, and couches.
  10. Keep up with your allergy treatment – don’t wait for symptoms to start.

Target Cedar Allergies at Their Source

Our experts at Temple Allergy and Wellness are happy to offer innovative and effective immunotherapy drops to curb or even eliminate your cedar allergy symptoms.

Allergy drops function in the same way as shots: You place a few drops under your tongue three times each day and your immune system gradually builds a tolerance. 

You can take your drops from the comfort of your home or anywhere – there’s no need to come into the office for each treatment. Most patients only require a few office visits each year to check their progress.

Also, like shots, patients taking allergy drops tend to notice that treatment improves their symptoms in a few weeks and lasts for up to five years.

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