Why Should You Get the Kids Tested for Allergies Before School Starts?

Written By Temple Allergy and Wellness on August 9, 2019

Allergy free familySchools aren’t nicknamed germ factories for no reason.

The truth is, school also exposes your children to higher levels of allergens – food, pollen, pets, you name it.

A non-painful allergy test can help you avoid missed school days and keep your kids healthy all year. Here’s how.

Why Test for Allergies?

Kids with nasal allergies are twice as likely to have health problems interfere with their daily lives.

Mold, ragweed, grass, pets, milk – allergens are everywhere.

Not only does allergy season take off during the back to school months, but other students can drag allergens to school with them on their clothes such as ragweed pollen and pet dander.

Testing can help you take a proactive approach to avoid missed school days and improve your child’s overall wellbeing.

Non-Painful and Comprehensive Allergy Testing in Temple, TX

At Temple Allergy and Wellness in Temple, TX, we use cutting-edge allergy testing technology that’s more accurate and less painful than testing methods of yesteryear.

With traditional allergy testing, you’d have to prick the skin, apply a solution, and wait for symptoms of a minor allergic reaction to take place. Blood tests are always available but this isn’t an option for most families due to the high cost.

Temple Allergy and Wellness uses a quick and easy system called Multi-Test PC 2 by Lincoln Diagnostics. Not only does the Multi-Test PC 2 block pain signals, but it can also test for multiple allergies simultaneously.

If your child is diagnosed with an allergy, your clinician may recommend gentle and safe allergy drops. Immunotherapy allergy drops help patients safely build a tolerance to the substance triggering their allergy. Most patients find that treatment lasts between three and five years.

Don’t send your kid back to school without a fast and easy allergy test! Schedule an appointment at Temple Allergy and Wellness in Temple, TX today. Call 254-778-6475.

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