What Are the Advantages of Allergy Drops Over Allergy Shots?

Written By Temple Allergy and Wellness on October 9, 2017

Benefits of Allergy Drops temple

In the U.S., there are around 50 million allergy sufferers. Of these, less than five percent seek the benefits of immunotherapy – the only treatment that targets the root cause of different allergies. 

Are you one of the 95 percent of Americans needlessly suffering from an allergic disease? 

Well, there is a safe and effective treatment available – allergy drops. 

The Benefits of Allergy Drops 

According to various studies, sublingual immunotherapy (e.g. allergy drops placed underneath a patient’s tongue) offers such a safe and convenient method of treating allergies that it broadens the range of people who are eligible for this type of treatment, beyond that of other traditional methods, e.g. allergy shots/injections. 

Previously, the majority of immunotherapy programs included allergy shots, but today, allergy drops also help you build up a tolerance to the allergies that once affected your everyday life. 

This reduces how much time you spend going to your doctors, providing you with a convenient on-the-go method of combatting your allergy. It also reduces your ongoing need for allergy medications by treating your allergy. 

How Do Allergy Drops Work? 

Allergy drops work in much the same way as allergy shots, building up your body’s tolerance to a specific allergen. As the medication gets to work, it means you have fewer medication needs and symptoms, and it also has the ability to change the underlying problems of your allergy. 

For example, if you suffer from hay fever or you’ve developed an allergy to something like molds, pets, pollens, or dust mites, allergy drops specializing in inhalant allergies can help build your tolerance to these types of substances. And if you often have trouble with seasonal allergies that are brought on by various trees (e.g. ragweed or mountain cedar) or grass, taking pre-seasonal allergy drops before the season starts can help with your long-term tolerance of these substances, while also reducing your reactions during the season.

Furthermore, if you experience food allergies, e.g. a peanut intolerance, food allergy treatments are available. These not only build your body’s intolerance to the offending foods but can also reduce the risk of any adverse reactions if you are accidentally exposed to the food without knowing. 

This type of allergy treatment is tailored to your specific requirements, offering an affordable, effective, safe, and convenient way of tackling the allergies that have plagued your life for too long.  

Don’t suffer from your allergy in silence and get in touch with our dedicated team at Temple Allergy and Wellness Clinic in Texas today. We’ll provide you with a tailored plan using specialist allergy drops that are part of the La Cross Method™ Protocol, which has successfully treated over 200,000 patients already.

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